BIA DRESSAGE - Chestnut brown - Size 38 - Sample Sale!

Kontakta mig när denna produkt är tillgänglig:

Such a good looking pair of bias! Our "testing boots" is ready for a new loving home. Are you the one? 
Lovely chestnut brown color with details to die for and with a reinforced outside panel, the perfect training boot! 

And the best thing about the model BIA, you can use them all year around, fit how many warm and cozy socks you need during winter and when the summer heat make our legs change size everyday it is not a problem for a BIA-owner! All you need to do is simply to adjust the laces, and keep on riding! 

Model: Celeris BIA dressage
Color: Chestnut brown
Details: top in a "pearl seam", same on the toe. 

Foot: Stl 38-38,5
Calf: 36,5-37,5 cm
Height: 46-47 cm


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