50 tips to become a better horse rider!

Horse riding is a fantastic sport filled with the love for horses! Getting up in the saddle is an incredibly gratifying experience but it doesn't come without its challenges. Whether you are an experienced rider or just starting out, there is always room for new lessons. Riding requires not only skill and technique, but also a deep understanding of the horse. All the hours in the saddle and around horses provide a chance for development. So how do you become a better rider? The best rider you can become?

We've collected the best 50 tips from our team riders and ambassadors to become a better rider. These tips can be applied no matter what level you ride at or what goals you have with your riding. Everything from improving your seat, to building a deeper relationship with your horse and developing your own confidence and communication skills. Whether you ride for fun or to be at the top of the podium at competitions, these tips will help you become a better rider! The best rider you can be!

  1. Make sure you eat well so you have energy
  2. Sleep the hours you need to be able to perform
  3. Make sure to arrive on time for training
  4. Do not stress
  5. Use high-quality equipment for you and your horse
  6. Exercise on the ground, for example strength training and running
  7. Watch other riders, regardless of level. You can always learn something!
  8. Sit with your trainer and listen to other people's trainings
  9. Ride as many different types of horses as you can
  10. Get to know the horse from the ground
  11. Prioritize your own well-being by having good routines
  12. Create a plan to start from
  13. Create a system with your horse and your trainer that you feel safe with
  14. Look at the whole picture as well as the small details
  15. Use equipment that suits you and your horse
  16. Take every opportunity you get to learn something new
  17. Learn about horse riding from scratch
  18. Watch riders in the warm-up and not just the competition
  19. Get inspired by other riders
  20. Create a team where everyone knows what their roles are
  21. Have a skilled farrier
  22. Have a good vet
  23. Plan your competitions and make sure to keep track of everything around you
  24. Make sure both you and your horse are in good shape
  25. Make sure you have the best conditions possible
  26. Get help from an experienced trainer
  27. Strive to constantly develop
  28. Find inspiration on social media
  29. Try to imitate something you have seen and think looks good
  30. Focus on your thing!
  31. Have a plan every time you get in the saddle
  32. Always try to ride your best
  33. Remember to breathe
  34. Try to beat your score from your last competition
  35. Spend as much time as you can with your horse
  36. Learn your horse's signals and get to know them
  37. The hours you spend in the saddle are priceless. The more hours in the saddle, the more you develop!
  38. Study other riders
  39. Dare to ask questions if the opportunity exists. You are never fully learned!
  40. Don't set too high standards for yourself
  41. Dare to set goals, but don't be sad if you don't reach them right away
  42. Be patient in everything from your everyday training to your long-term development
  43. Follow your common thread in riding
  44. Take the help of trainers who suit your common thread and how you want to ride
  45. Be your own coach when riding by yourself and remember your coach's feedback from before
  46. Create a close bond with your horse from the ground
  47. Pay attention to how your horse feels and how it looks in the body
  48. Work hard!
  49. Don't give up!
  50. And most importantly: Have fun!!

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