Bia Winter Design Your Own

10 000 kr

Bia Winter is a very popular model of our made-to-measure range of riding boots. This model is for you who ride dressage and want a regular dressage boot with sheepskin lining

This model combines a perfect fit, with a smart function and at the same time keeps you warm and give you that super nice look. Thanks to the long lacing you may adjust the boots depending on how many layer of clothes you also need to stay warm the whole day.

Bia Winter is a tall boot that is designed for an active rider who spends many hours in the saddle. It is excellent for dressage and all round riding. If you would rather have a boot only for dressage with a hard exterior, Bia Dressage Winter Design Your Own is the right model for you.

Product description

  • Superior fit, made to measure according to 24 unique measurements
  • Long lacing that gives up to about 4 cm margin to make them bigger
  • Hard and reinforced dressage exterior
  • Reinforced heel for extra sturdy leg
  • Rubber outsole with good grip
  • Soft insole in cork, foam rubber and calfskin
  • High top arch 6 cm (can be made higher)
  • Wide YKK zipper on the inside, covered by leather
  • Long pressure button
  • Thick inner lining in calfskin
  • Handmade with passion in Portugal

Design options
COLORS: Combine, mix and match our +100 different colors, materials & patterns
TOE STYLE: Choose between our 10 different toes
TOP STYLE: Choose from our 14 different ones
TOP ARCH: Optional height, we recommend 6-8 cm
BUCKLE: Polo buckle, Short push button or Long push button
LACE HOOKS: Without hooks, Gold, Antique brass, Silver or Oxid steel
INNER LINING: Sheepskin lining foot or Sheepskin lining foot & leg
OUTSOLE: Rubber sole or Rubber sole with leather

Delivery time
The time of production of Celeris bespoke tall boots varies and is estimated to 4 months.

Riders riding in Bia Winter
Lina Dolk, Minna Telde, Nina Hoffman-Kueppers, and many more..

Outside Panel:
  1. Remember to add drop margin
  1. Remember to add drop margin

Cannot come to our showroom in Stockholm?
Don´t worry - here is our guide on how to take the measurements at home yourself!
We will be there remote on Skype to assist you in every step of the measuring and answer all your questions.
There are 24 unique measurements to take, but to start with we need your regular shoe size and if you already have a pair of boots, you can look for the calf width and the total height.


- Wear breeches and socks that you would want to fit under the boots
- You need a tape measure, a pen, paper and an assistant to take the measurements
- Download our order form and fill it out after each measurement
- Measurements 1-4 should be taken while you are in a seated position and 5-12 while standing.
- See our film about how a fitting should be done

Follow the steps below



Brogue top

Single top

Double top 

Single top with bling

Single top with brogue

Double top with bling

Triple top

Heart top

Heart brogue top

Anchor top

Drop top

Hunter top



Double stitched

Double stitched with floral

Straight Brogue

Straight brogue with floral

Heart double stitched

Heart double stitched with floral

Heart brogue

Heart brogue with floral

Eyelets Oxid Steel

Eyelets Steel

Hooks Oxid Steel

Hooks Antique Brass

Hooks Rose Gold

Hooks Brass

Hooks Steel

Hooks & Eyelets - No hardware only holes

Bling - Crystals Light Pink

Bling - Crystals Royal Blue

Bling - Crystals Black

Bling - Crystals Gold

Bling - Crystals Silver

Bling - Line of Diamantes Rose Gold

Bling - Line of Diamantes Gold

Bling - Line of Diamantes Silver

2 straps

Polo Buckle Rose Gold

Polo Buckle Oxid Steel

Polo Buckle Antique Brass

Polo Buckle Brass with Bling

Polo Buckle Brass

Polo Buckle Steel with bling

Long pressure button brass

Long pressure button steel

Be inspired by our other customers design for Design your own tall boots

Celeris is a small family business located in northern Portugal where the production and manufacture of our riding boots is a solid craft made with great experience, precision and passion. As all riding boots are made completely by hand and are completely unique in terms of both design and dimensions, the production takes longer than for ordinary riding boots. The production time is estimated to about 4 months, but this is something we cannot guarantee as several factors such as accessto different leathers and materials at our tanneries can vary as well as the coating ingeneral in our workshop. We obviously do our best to be able to deliver your dream boots within the set time.

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