CATE Design Your Own

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Stylish jump boot, with zipper on the back. Track protection and track holder. Leather insole and rubber outsole.

* Only made 2 measure - see our measuring guide
* Design your own - see the range of all colours and options
* Made by hand with passion and pride in Portugal
* The lead time might vary and is estimated to around 4 months

Check out our pinterest gallery to get inspired by many different designs.

Read all about how to design your own boots.

Cannot come to our showroom in Stockholm?
Don´t worry - here is our guide on how to take the measurements at home yourself!
We will be there remote on Skype to assist you in every step of the measuring and answer all your questions.
There are 24 unique measurements to take, but to start with we need your regular shoe size and if you already have a pair of boots, you can look for the calf width and the total height.


- Wear breeches and socks that you would want to fit under the boots
- You need a tape measure, a pen, paper and an assistant to take the measurements
- Download our order form and fill it out after each measurement
- Measurements 1-4 should be taken while you are in a seated position and 5-12 while standing.
- See our film about how a fitting should be done

Follow the steps below

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5

Style 6

Style 7

Style 8

Style 9

Style 10

Style 11

Style 12

Style 13

Style 14

Style 15

Style 16

Style 17

The lead time might vary and is estimated but not guaranteed to 4 months.

Celeris is a small family-run business and all tall boots are both unique in terms of designs and measurements and manufactured by hand therefore we unfortunately have a limited possibility to speed up or offer shorter delivery times. We however always do our outmost to deliver our products as quick as possible. 

Rule No. 1 - The most important thing is the cleaning.
Make it a habit to always clean your riding boots and shoes from dirt and horse sweat, dust and dust after each use.
Dirt clogs the pores and sweat contains salts that corrode the leather.
Suggest a damp cloth or sponge. Do not be afraid to use water, you can even rinse the boots a little gently if needed, as long as you dry them thoroughly afterwards and let them dry slowly at room temperature. There is also no danger if it rains on them! It may look spotty just when they get wet, but when they dry they return to their color (if the boots have a good base coat;)

There are a variety of products for leather care, but we advocate shoe polish that has several good properties, as it both impregnates, moisturizes and colors the leather.
Choose a shade as similar to the color of your boots as possible or a darker shade if you want more depth in the color.

The shoes in the picture were quite dry and had faded properly before they got their much-needed polish.
We have used our brown shoe polish, which is coffee brown to the color in the jar, but the result is just right, or what do you think?
A little fun fact is that you can use black shoe polish on a little clearer colors such as red and pink to give a slightly more smoky effect, then you can wrap with transparent shoe cream.

When you lubricate the shoe polish, a tip is to use another moistened sponge and make circular movements so you get an even and reasonably thick layer. Feel free to start at the back somewhere so you can see how much the color changes from the cream. The boots become matte when you lubricate them.
Let stand overnight, but otherwise at least 10 minutes.
We have more different shades of shoe polish that you can buy here.

Shoe cream and plaster brush are all you need

Then polish with a brush, then polish, polish and polish with a cleaning cloth or a regular nylon sock and you get a super nice shine. An old trick is also to put a nylon sock on top of a plaster brush or fill a nylon sock with an old towel and tie together a "plaster sausage".

Be inspired by our other customers design for Design your own tall boots

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